Participation Levels

CWW Member

Any persons, governments, corporations, or other entities located in Colorado who signs the Partnership Agreement with Colorado WaterWise:

  • Must be a Colorado WaterWise member at the “Small Utility” level or higher
  • Will have access to the LLYLI welcome toolkit including logo, fact sheets, video, social media posts and more. Additional production costs for use of the campaign materials must be paid for by partner if special modifications or alternate formats are requested
  • Use of campaign material in the same or other mediums is limited to areas within Colorado
  • Any additional campaign material developed by Colorado WaterWise’s campaign consultant on behalf of an individual partner must be made available for reuse by other participating partners

LLYLI Campaign Partner

Any LLYLI Partner that provides an annual financial contribution* towards the campaign. Click here to see the participation levels in this tier.

  • All rights and conditions of a LLYLI Partner
  • Logo displayed on the as a LLYLI Campaign Partner
  • Opportunity to receive discounts on LLYLI branded giveaways [co-branding opportunities also available]
  • Access to digital Full Toolkit including creative developed during calendar year of contribution
  • Partnership Levels (Click here to view)

*$1,000 will be accepted for a first-year campaign partner

LLYLI Campaign Sponsorship Opportunities

Any persons, governments, corporations, or other entities that contribute to a specific campaign event or promotion annually—either in-kind and/or financial dollars—will receive:

  • Logo featured on as a LLYLI sponsor for the period of time of the specific campaign, event or promotion sponsored
  • Logo featured on promotional materials for the specific campaign event or promotion.
  • Recognition and logo placement dependent on promotion and amounts contributed

LLYLI Supporter

Any individual or organization can join the many others living like they love it by sharing information with employees, colleagues, customers and members. It’s easy to become a supporter—just take these suggested steps:

  • Spread the word about LLYLI
  • Connect on Social Media
  • Link your website to LLYLI

About the Campaign

The Live Like You Love It campaign is a collaborative effort between Colorado WaterWise and its partners to help build the public awareness necessary to protect Colorado’s water.

Campaign Calls-to-Action:

Creative and promotional materials are designed to capture the uniqueness of Colorado and its water. The ultimate goal of the campaign is to make an emotional connection between Coloradans and the water they need to sustain the quality of their lives.



Questions? Contact Us

Download the campaign Participation Levels: LLYLI_Partnership_FINAL6-10-15
Sign up to become a partner, download the LLYLI Partnership Form.
To learn more about how you can become a partner or sponsor, please email today!

LLYLI Campaign Partners 2016-2017

  • Colorado Ski Country
  • Colorado Springs Utilities
  • Colorado Stormwater Council
  • City of Greeley
  • City of Fountain
  • Loveland Water and Power
  • Northern Water

Advantages of Becoming a LIVE LIKE YOU LOVE IT Campaign Partner:

  • Participate in a ready-made outreach campaign, decrease your creative development costs, and increase buying power and marketing potential
  • Feature your company/organization name through:
  • Campaign materials and handouts
  • Television interviews
  • Public outreach and educational events
  • Live Like You Love It website
  • Partner listings and links are featured on the LLYLI home page
  • Availability of top quality water-awareness messaging for your social media channels and print communications with customers
  • Access to discounted branded giveaways, like can coolies and water bottles
  • Information sharing with agencies and other conservationists throughout the state to learn more about promotional ideas, strategies, and latest marketing trends
  • Pride in supporting this one-of-a-kind statewide campaign for the betterment of water, the environment, and all Coloradans.